WTF PTC is 100% operational

Hello PTPlist users,

As you know, WTF PTP had hosting issues. It’s fixed now and as a gift, admin promised that all payments will be with 10% extras! 😉

Here is the official announcement (this message has been translated with google translate)

Hello to all my members!


This week has been difficult for me. I was on vacation (so no computer) and first heberg blocked access to my website to excessive use of resources. So I tried to do more manipulation, transfer on a dedicated server, etc … All this has led to nothing. I then had a discussion with a member who told me about someone who had apparently coding knowledge and other. So I contacted this person who was kind enough to transfer my site to a server and the database! The site is 100% operational again (at least I hope so ^^ ‘) and for long!


Thank you again for allowing me to danypfc discussed audandave, which now hosts my website and gave me a big hand for the resettlement! Without you I’ll still be in my ***! ^^ ‘


To offset this cut, I’ll give you an additional 10% each of your winnings! It’s not much but it’s better than nothing.


Feel free to let me know any malfunction on the site!




Good evening to all and good gains WTF PTP-PTC


Sincerely, admin


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